Owli Sleeping Guru Unicorn 0-24 Months / 2,25-13 kg

Manufacturer: Owli
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Owli sleeping guru is the biggest helper of babies from the moment they are born. As your baby grows, it changes shape with it and provides comfortable usage for up to 24 months. With its intelligent design, the sleep guru, which contains all the features instead of the swaddles that are used for a short time, will be your biggest helper in accustoming your baby to sleep and creating the sleep pattern.
With the jumping reflex seen in newborn babies, babies sleep is often interrupted. The swaddles stay inside and help babies sleep uninterrupted. Owli sleeping bag provides the transition phase to sleep by providing the feeling in the womb. It supports the development of your baby with its hip-friendly design that does not prevent leg movements. With zippered design, you can swaddle in one step.
The American Pediatric Association and the renowned pediatrician Harvey Karp support arson so that babies feel safe and calm and can easily sleep. Cotton and breathable fabric design, double zipper, seamless interior structure, your baby will sleep without disturbing. Arson also provides ideal tightness. Breathable cotton fabric is suitable for use in all seasons. You can easily change the bottom with double-sided zipper.
It is recommended to be used with cloth only in summer months and to be dressed according to the air temperature in other seasons. Stages of use; 0 - 3 months; 2.25 - 6 kg for babies: Side zipper closed, swaddle mode. 3 - 6 months; For 6 to 9 kg babies: Side zipper complete open, arms inside, swaddle mode 6 - 9 months; For 9 to 11 kg babies: Side zipper complete open, arms out, sleeping bag mode 9 - 18 months; For babies from 9 to 13 kg: arms and feet outdoors, sleeping bag mode


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