Milk&Moo Skater Cheetah Dynamo Hand Crank Flashlight

Manufacturer: Milk&Moo
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Milk&Moo kids flashlight is ideal for mothers who don’t want to mess around with batteries. This is a hand crank flashlight with a robust built-in battery and 2 long-life bright LED bulbs that is long-lasting and energy-efficient. Easy-to-grip design fits easily in kid hands.

Kids will love cranking the handle and watching the light get brighter. The great thing is that with a hand crank, you will never have to change the battery, it will always just work. You can throw in your child’s backpack or in your purse for emergencies. Its clip also attaches easily to backpacks, purses, and key chains.

This led flashlight is manufactured with premium quality hard plastic material that makes it durable. Also, the material used in manufacturing is safe to use for kid’s health.

This is a mini flashlight that can be used for anything. Although they are small the light is bright enough for indoor and outdoor activities.

Its fun Skater Cheetah pattern and smaller size make this kids flashlight more appealing for kids than a big, heavy full-sized lantern. Durable smooth design will withstand being tossed around by kids.

Milk&Moo offers a wide range of kid’s products in a creative way that not only provides fun for them but also provides learning with joy.

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