Korkmaz A1348 Ornella 20cm Frying Pan

Manufacturer: Korkmaz
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For those who are the chefs of their own kitchen, Korkmaz A1348 Ornella omelette pan is the greatest assistant for delicious breakfast tables. Among the secrets of real chefs, it is known that dishes cooked over low heat are more flavorful. Korkmaz Ornella pan's aluminum forged body enhances heat conductivity, providing high cooking performance even over low heat. With the healthy eating-friendly omelette pan, you can minimize the use of cooking oil and cook omelettes that are both tasty and light. Thanks to its perfect non-stick surface on both the inside and outside, you can use the Korkmaz pan without worrying about your low-fat eggs sticking to the pan. With its design, the Korkmaz pan complements your kitchen decor with elegance while meeting all your expectations in terms of both appearance and functionality. Made from recyclable materials, the pan also contributes to the environment by being eco-friendly. The omelette pan can be easily used on almost all types of stovetops and with the Solar Base base system providing high heat conductivity, it helps you save time for yourself while cooking. It is also extra durable against scratches and can be easily cleaned, allowing you to save time and energy.
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